Drug dealer jailed for five years

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A DRUG dealer who almost mowed down two police officers and had a fake firearm in his car has been jailed for five years.

Ayaz Abdullah, who also nearly smashed into a car with a baby in, was finally arrested after armed officers were called in. After he was taken into custody, he said to the police, in an unsolicited comment: “You caught me red-handed. What can I do?”, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Abdullah, who had heroin worth £770 on the streets in his pocket and two sets of weighing scales in his vehicle, had text messages on his phone from someone complaining drugs supplied were always underweight.

The defendant (21), of Mansfield Grove, Brierfield, had earlier admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply, possessing an imitation firearm, dangerous driving and driving without a licence and insurance. Judge Heather Lloyd also confiscated his Nissan vehicle, banned him from driving and ordered he take an extended re-test.

Mr David Macro (prosecuting) said last July 17th, police in a liveried vehicle in Barden Lane, Burnley, saw the Nissan going towards Fence. They were searching some bushes after information.

The vehicle returned three times, an officer checked it on the PNC and a community support officer stood in the road and raised his hand to stop it. The vehicle sped towards where a police officer was stood, she thought she was going to be run over and moved quickly onto a grass verge.

Mr Macro said the Nissan just missed her, almost hit another vehicle as it reversed at speed and drove towards the support officer who had to jump out of the way to avoid being struck. The Nissan then drove out of sight.

Police later found Abdullah parked on a track leading to a farm and he was handcuffed. In his trouser pocket he had heroin and a ballbearing gun was in the passenger footwell. The defendant was cautioned, was abusive and called the police racist.

The prosecutor said once in custody, Abdullah said: “I tried running the officer over, but it’s not worth it.” Traces of heroin were on the scales in the car.

Mr Macro said the imitation firearm was broken, wouldn’t have worked and there was no magazine or ammunition.

The defendant was interviewed and made no comment. He gave a prepared statement, saying the drugs and the gun were his. He said he had not intended to use the gun for any improper purpose and had panicked when he saw the police.

Abdullah, who had a record including drugs offences, said he had not intended to harm the officers and apologised for the fear he would have caused them.