Drunk dad in court after he attacks pregnant Burnley pub boss and two managers after 'poor parent' comment

A man who admitted three counts of assault by beating was given a 15 -day rehabilitation activity requirement, was fined 100 and must pay 100 compensation to each of his victims.
A man who admitted three counts of assault by beating was given a 15 -day rehabilitation activity requirement, was fined 100 and must pay 100 compensation to each of his victims.

A drunk dad accused of being a 'poor parent' attacked a pregnant pub boss and two other managers, just days after an inquest into the death of his friend, a court heard.

Ground-worker Aiden Colvin, who was very upset over the loss of friend in March, had taken exception to the comment and had 'kicked off' at The Boot Inn pub in Burnley.

The 33-year-old was abusive and aggressive and was described by the pub manager as approaching in a fighting stance and going towards her with almost a 'walk of 10 men.'

She was pushed in the shoulder and chest as she tried to stop the 9pm trouble at the Burnley hostelry, where the defendant’s partner also worked.

The town’s magistrates were told bar manager James Eastwood, known as Jimmy, was punched in the face.

Shift manager Christopher Feuster intervened to throw Colvin out, was put in a headlock by the defendant and felt he was being strangled.

Miss Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said: "He says he was struggling to breathe and had to punch him ( Colvin) in the stomach in order to release his grip off him.

"He thought he was going to pass out.”

Miss Akhtar went on: "I don’t believe that the defendant knew that the victim was eight weeks’ pregnant.”

The prosecutor told the hearing when the police arrived, the defendant was arrested after he was he pointed out .

She said:”He says he simply can’t remember because of the drink.” Miss Akhtar added:” Its just fortunate that nobody came out with injuries.”

Mr Daniel Frazer, defending Colvin, said:” He does offer an unreserved apology for his behaviour. He knows it was unacceptable.”

That day his partner had taken part in the Burnley 10K run, he had been with the children to support her and later he and his partner wanted to carry on what was supposed to be a happy day.

Mr Frazer said the death of his friend had been playing on Colvin’s mind. The defendant had been very upset. The solicitor continued: "After a couple of drinks his mindset wasn’t as it should have been. “

Mr Frazer said the defendant and his partner had three children between them. He had been trying to be a father figure to everybody. Someone made a comment about his 'poor parenting' and he took exception to it.

The solicitor said Colvin and his partner had now been to bereavement counselling as ' they have clearly seen there’s an issue.'

Mr Frazer told the court Colvin threw a punch towards Mr Eastwood in temper, others got involved to try and stop it escalating.

A probation officer who interviewed the defendant said: “It's his belief he would not have been the instigator of this offence and his behaviour is retaliation after he was approached.”

The officer continued:” He wasn’t really able to express much victim empathy and had limited remorse.”

She added:"Since this offence he has not had a drink. Before the offence, there had been the inquest into the death of his friend.

"That hit him very hard emotionally."

The defendant, formerly of Belgrave Road, Colne, but now of Carholme Avenue, Burnley, admitted three counts of assault by beating, on July 21st.

He was given a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement, was fined £100 and must pay £100 compensation to each victim, a £90 victim surcharge and £85 costs.