Drunken dad hit with ASBO

Stuart Murgatroyd Burnley ABSO
Stuart Murgatroyd Burnley ABSO

A NELSON dad-of-10 whose drunken and abusive behaviour made neighbours’ lives hell has been slapped with an ASBO.

Stuart Murgatroyd (41), who was booted out of his Padiham home in 2009 after residents endured a string of disturbances, appeared at Pennine Magistrates’ Court for the anti-social behaviour order hearing.

The court heard he terrorised neighbours with a catalogue of “dreadful” behaviour including shouting, swearing, drunkenness and confrontations outside his former home in Burnley’s Queensgate area.

Murgatroyd, who now lives in Wickworth Street, Nelson, with partner Dawn Hughes and eight of his children, was slapped with a two-year order preventing him from being drunk in public or having an open alcohol container across the whole of Burnley.

He must also not act in an anti-social manner, not harass or cause distress to people or use abusive language or hand gestures across the entire borough.

District Judge Peter Ward said: “It is a dreadful catalogue of low-level disorder. Being drunk outside, shouting abuse, swearing and general disturbances.

“It doesn’t set a good example to your children. For other people it makes life miserable.”

During the hearing, Mr Jonathan Jackson (prosecuting) said: “The last occasion he was in court there was perhaps sensational reporting saying he was ‘the worst father in Britain’.

“He is probably not even the worst father in Burnley. It is low-level anti-social behaviour that is making people’s lives a misery.”

Murgatroyd’s solicitor Mr Mark Williams said problems arose because of a “clash of cultures” at his Burnley home, but added Murgatroyd had largely been trouble-free since moving to Nelson in July.

He said his client’s drinking had caused tensions among neighbours.

“Problems had grown over a period of time. It was a large family living in a large house in a predominantly Asian area.

“When he was having a drink, there was that clash of cultures which led to complaints.”

Mr Williams suggested his client may have even been a victim and pointed to a street disturbance in which Murgatroyd was faced with a mob wielding baseball bats.

He said the family moved away from the area for a new start.

He added: “They wanted a fresh start, they moved to Nelson and they have had a fresh start.

“There have been no problems in three months when living with the family in Nelson. There is always going to be a bit of noise with eight children living at home. The children on the whole have been properly brought up and to suggest he is a bad father is inappropriate.”

Speaking after the hearing, PC Adam Gordon, anti-social behaviour officer for Burnley Police, said: “It was necessary to do this as a last resort to offer the community some protection.

“Over a short period of time there were quite a lot of incidents reported to the police and as a result we have had to take this action.

“It is down to him now to show that he can change his behaviour.”