Drunken Nelson man arrested after 'near-death' experience

Police then saw the defendant 'spreadeagled'over the windscreen of a car.
Police then saw the defendant 'spreadeagled'over the windscreen of a car.
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A drunken man was not best pleased when police arrested him after a 'near-death' experience in which he was 'spreadeagled' over a car windscreen, a court heard.

Charlie Martin had slid off the vehicle when police stopped the driver and had run off in shock. He then went back to explain himself to the officers, but they decided to detain him. Burnley magistrates were told how 21-year-old Martin used 'choice language' to officers, according to the prosecution.

The defendant's solicitor, Mr John Rusius told Burnley magistrates the defendant had been carried on the car bonnet for about 40 metres, adding: "He's still in shock. He's more upset because he's nearly been killed. He's clinging on the roof for dear life."

The solicitor told the court Martin had been to The Union pub in Colne and was merry.

People were outside with drinks, door staff were trying to get them back in, and the defendant was on his way home. Police noticed what was going on. Martin carried on walking and was run over as he was crossing the road. Police then saw him 'spreadeagled' over the windscreen.

Martin, of Charles Street in Nelson, admitted being drunk and disorderly on Market Street in Colne on June 17th. He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and was told to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs.