Earby homes plan blasted

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AMBITIOUS plans to build 74 new houses in Earby have come under fire from residents and councillors.

While there has been support in principle for the mixture of family homes and bungalows being built on the site of the current Wardle Storeys factory on Grove Street, there have been various complaints about access issues.

Barnfield Construction plans to build the houses on either side of Earby Beck after Wardle Storeys has moved to a new site to the north.

Access to the two sides would be along Old Lane on one side and Shuttleworth Street on the other.

Neighbouring residents have said the access roads could not handle the extra traffic and could be dangerous.

In a letter signed separately by a number of residents, they complained: “The objection is not to the dwellings themselves but to the access to the site from School Lane, via Old Lane.

“In the past we have three times raised the problem of access to this land in regard to previous planning applications and three times the West Craven Committee have unanimously agreed with our submission that the access is unsuitable.

“No doubt the two and three bedroom houses would suggest that children will be using this narrow access and the bungalows would be attractive to elderly, possibly disabled retired folks in wheelchairs.

“There is simply no safe access or egress for them, or room to make one.”

Earby town councillors also expressed their disapproval, saying they were disappointed issues they had brought up with representatives of the two firms had not been taken on board.

“Even after a courtesy visit from Wardle Stores and Barnfield earlier in the year, none of our comments at that meeting have been addressed and the same plan has now been presented to Pendle Council.

“We have no objections to the plan to build in this area in principle, but there are some very serious points which need addressing before any permission is granted.

“Four residents from School Fields also attended the meeting and raised the old problem of traffic on Old Lane.

“There is also the worry of traffic management on Shuttleworth Street.

“It is made up of houses on both sides of the road with cars parked all the way along, which makes this cul-de-sac one lane only. We cannot envisage what will happen when it is a through fare.”

Barnfield Construction’s plans outline a traffic calming scheme for Old Lane, including speed humps and a formal one-way section.

A turning head at the end of Shuttleworth Street is also proposed.

Councillors went on to highlight comments by Yorkshire Water, which said it opposed the submitted plan and that the developers needed to sufficiently address the fact that the site lies within 400m of an operational waste water treatment works and the proposed houses lie over the public sewerage system.

Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee councillors are due to consider the application at their August meeting.