EARBY: Woman (26) hanged herself after years of depression

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A 26-YEAR-OLD Earby woman who committed suicide had a history of depression, an inquest has heard.

Susannah Wilsdon was found hanging at her home in Long Green on October 13th, 2010.

Her family told the inquest she had struggled with mental health issues for years and had been unhappy since returning to the UK after periods of living in South Korea.

Susannah’s stepfather John Roughton told the inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court she had appeared to be “very low” in the weeks before her death. He said: “She was trying to put her troubles behind her but seemed to become lower when she couldn’t get a job.”

Susannah’s brother Andrew said: “Everything worried her more than it should and it got worse and worse. I had made it quite clear she needed to be hospitalised again, I told her directly but in a caring way.

“But she felt it was too late to go back to hospital and work through whatever was wrong with her.”

He told the inquest Susannah had looked up schizophrenia and spilt-personality disorders on the internet as well as a suicide website and she had told family members she wanted to die.

Consultant pathologist Dr Abdul Al-Daoud’ who performed the post-mortem examination, said there was no trace of any alcohol or drugs in Susannah’s body.

East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor recorded a verdict of suicide by hanging. He said: “It appears she was at a very low mental ebb and it is against that background she took her own life. She was clearly suffering from mental illness.”