Nelson primary school loses ‘good’ rating

St Paul's Primary Schooll.  A071111/1a
St Paul's Primary Schooll. A071111/1a
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Ofsted inspectors who visited a Nelson primary school earlier this month have said it requires improvement in three of four categories used to determine standards.

St Paul’s CE Primary School in Hibson Road, which was classed as good at its last inspection, was deemed to need to improve the achievement of its pupils, the quality of its teaching and its leadership and management.

Only the behaviour and safety of its 270 pupils were rated as “good”.

The Ofsted team said St Paul’s was no longer classed as a good school because its pupils were not yet making consistently good progress in all lessons because of weaknesses in teaching.

“Teachers spend too long introducing tasks and do not leave enough time for pupils to make good progress. In particular, pupils are not given enough time to write at length,” said the Ofsted report.

“Not all teachers manage lessons sufficiently well to cater for the different needs and abilities of all of the pupils.

“Leaders and managers have not yet been successful in ensuring that all teaching is good or better.”

The inspectors said there was some good and outstanding teaching in the school which resulted in pupils making good progress and learning well.

“During the past three years, standards in reading, writing and mathematics at Key Stage 1 have improved.

“Staff look after pupils well and provide effective support for their personal development.

“Pupils behave well and they have positive attitudes to learning.

“The new headteacher and the leadership team have a good understanding of the strengths of the school.”

The school was asked to eradicate lessons where teachers talk for too long, provide greater opportunities for pupils to write at length in all subjects, and provide opportunities for teachers to share good practice in order to eradicate teaching that requires improvement.

The inspectors said an external review of governance should be undertaken in order to assess how this aspect of leadership and management may be improved.