New leaders improving Colne Primet Academy

20mph School crossing sign in Burnley
20mph School crossing sign in Burnley
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The latest Ofsted inspection at Colne Primet Academy shows that new leadership is making “significant and sustainable” improvements to drive forward the Academy ambition.

This new academy – formed in January, 2013, as part of an ambitious and rapid improvement strategy for the school – welcomed the recent inspection from Ofsted which follows the appointment of the new headteacher, Lynne Blomley, last January.

The academy, sponsored by Nelson and Colne College, was reassured by Ofsted that considerable improvements have already been made.

In particular, Ofsted was keen to recognise the impact of the new leadership as having a “very clear understanding of the performance of the academy” and “keen to ensure the plans for improvement are driven forward successfully.” They also recognised the sponsor as having “high aspirations” for the students and supporting the academy well.

Some of the recent improvements recognised were: new systems to check the performance of teachers being more robust; a stronger emphasis on the development of literacy and mathematical skills; and improved student attendance. They also recognised that the curriculum has been developed to better meet the needs of the students and that as a result, students are now more interested in their learning.

And Ofsted stated: “In the short time she had available to her before students undertook examinations, the new headteacher focused on improving the GCSE English results for Year 11 students. As a result, students’ progress and the number of students reaching Grade C or above in English improved.”

They also acknowledged developments to the academy environment, with improved facilities such as the development of a dedicated student area and other refurbishments.

Ofsted was also keen to emphasise the views of the students, commenting that “students wear their uniform with pride” and that students had noted that “behaviour is much better than it used to be due to clear rules and the direction given to them by new leaders and staff.”

The chief executive of Pendle Education Trust, Anita Ghidotti, commented: “We are pleased that this recent inspection has demonstrated the inspectorate’s views that the academy is improving. Their findings reassure us that we’re moving in the right direction.”

Headteacher Lynne Blomley said: “It is clear that we still have a lot of work to do, but I am pleased that Ofsted have acknowledged that the changes we have already made are leading to sustainable improvements at the school, which is already having a positive impact on the students.”

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has continued to support the academy through its transformation and said: “I have visited Colne Primet Academy on a number of occasions in recent months and it is clear that the school is beginning to yield really positive changes as a result of effective leadership and management. There is a new energy seen in students, parents and staff.

“I feel very confident the school will continue to action all necessary changes to improve its teaching and learning and that, consequently, the academy does have a very bright future.”