New Nelson & Colne College principal

Amanda Melton who is the new principal of Nelson and Colne College.
Amanda Melton who is the new principal of Nelson and Colne College.

THE new principal of Nelson and Colne College says she is determined to build on the college’s outstanding success and is already looking to its future.

Amanda Melton (48) is the successor to Lyn Surgeon and says that after two weeks in her new role at the Scotland Road site, she is feeling right at home.

Mrs Melton - a former deputy principal, has said that the college has an important part to play in the social and economic development of the area and is looking to build up strong community links with the area’s key business players.

She said: “While I have a very strong academic and teaching background, I’m very passionate about our community involvement, particularly in relation to addressing the skills and needs of our adults who are having to prepare for a difficult job.”

And speaking about her new career path, she added: “It already feels like home and I’m excited by it all. The college has got a fantastic reputation to build on and it’s an outstanding college.

“Lyn has achieved such a huge amount in raising the standards in the college so that we are now among the best colleges nationally. It’s an astonishing achievement in an area which is so diverse and I’m determined to build on that success.”

Born and bred in south Manchester, Mrs Melton grew up in Cheadle before studying French and Italian at Queen Mary University of London where she met her husband of 28 years. She now lives in Altrincham and has two sons aged 21 and 22.

On leaving university she worked in the software industry travelling around the world before being bitten by the teaching bug.

Prior to her new role at the college, she spent 18 years working at Trafford College - a college twice as big as Nelson and Colne.

She started her career there teaching modern foreign languages, before branching into teaching business, graphics and media.

Later she worked in the senior management team where she ran the marketing and student support side of things before moving to her last role where she was responsible for the 14-19 curriculum vocational programme.

She added: “I’m extremely excited by having a principal role which is something which I have aspired to for a while. I’m hoping that because the college has recently gone down to a single site I will be able to commence in a meaningful way with students and staff quickly.

“Everybody has been so welcoming and they are all reassured that I have come from a similar college somewhere else. It’s really important for the principal to be connected to the student and I’m definitely going to keep that going.”

Citing watching live music, walking her dog and playing tennis as just a few of her hobbies. She says supporting her family is a key priority and says she has strong family values.

Among her long list of priorities at the college, her first aim is to get to know the students, staff and leaders in the community.

She is also keen to meet with secondary school headteachers and take advantage of the good working relationships to help students progress on to work and apprenticeships.

She added: “I want to encourage people to communicate with me and get in touch to make sure that the college is connected to the community.

“The resources are brilliant and I see the college as a community resource as much as a centre for vocational and educational learning. We have a lead role to play in the community.”