Ofsted celebrations for Colne club

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Staff and pupils are celebrating the success of their after-school club following an unannounced Ofsted inspection.

Park Primary School’s popular group was bumped up from a “satisfactory” to a “good” grading after the February visit.

Inspectors picked up on the fact children “thoroughly enjoy their time at the club”, and stated staff work closely with the school to ensure the educational programme supports the next steps in children’s learning.

Other positive points listed in the report include:

Relationships between staff and children are good, which ensures children’s emotional well-being is supported well

The manager and staff understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure children are safeguarded and robust systems for risk assessment and staff vigilance mean children’s welfare is maintained

Staff encourage children to work co-operatively together and behaviour is good. As a result their personal, social, and emotional development is well promoted

There was only one point that stopped it from being outstanding - the fact there “are fewer opportunities for children to comfortably relax or rest with a book” - and it is a factor that has already been addressed by staff.

According to manager Faye Denwood, a new corner suite complete with bookcases is on order, meaning the point for improvement has now been fulfilled.

Talking about the inspection, Miss Denwood, a teaching assistant at the Rutland Street school, said: “It is not like at school where you get two to three days’ notice - they literally do turn up at the door.

“On the day we didn’t quite absorb it, but when we got the report we were thrilled.”

Park Out of School Club is run by a team of four staff members and was launched to help working parents.

Over the years, it has gone from strength to strength and gives youngsters the opportunity to take part in activities, from baking to crafts, as well as go on trips. Eleven years ago, there were 32 children enrolled into the club, with eight attending a session. Now, there are over 30 children attending for breakfast each morning, and around the same number participating in the after-school club.

Miss Denwood added: “I love running the club - it is nice to see the children outside school, enjoying themselves in a different environment. It has really built up, and we are thrilled with the amount it has come on.”