School installs toilet CCTV to prevent ASB

West Craven High School.
West Craven High School.
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A Pendle secondary school is installing CCTV in newly refurbished toilets used by pupils to dissuade potential anti-social behaviour.

Craig Baker, headteacher at West Craven High School in Barnoldswick, said that the CCTV would be positioned in the sink areas of the toilets facing away from the cubicles.

The school in Kelbrook Road, rated “good” by Ofsted, has recently undergone a £6.2m. refurbishment and senior school staff say the move to install the CCTV came from requests from children who wish to see the toilets remain in a clean, tidy and undamaged condition.

According to Mr Baker, some toilets are separated by walls between the sink areas, and others partially, depending on the location and layout in the school.

Headteacher Craig Baker said: “We would not have gone ahead with this if we had any concerns over privacy.

“The camera will be facing towards the door and will only be monitored if a problem is reported to us. The new cubicles are all the right height and once someone is in there then they can’t be seen at all.

“The students, through schemes like the school council and others, have approached us saying that this is something that they would like to see and can help prevent bullying or other anti-social behaviour in the toilets.

“It is not as a result of a specific incident or a rise in bullying in the school and if anything that is going the other way.

“Students have priority at West Craven and the money has been spent on improving the pupil toilets and not the staff toilets and these are now very good facilities.

“We have circulated screenshots of exactly what can be seen from the camera.

“We have also written to parents to let them know and I would like to invite any parent who has any concerns or extra questions to come and see the CCTV system for themselves and talk to me.”