Schoolboys dash to help injured Nelson dog walker

Jordan Williams & Jordan Stevenson
Jordan Williams & Jordan Stevenson

Two students at Primet High School, Colne, put their first aid training to good use when they witnessed an elderly man collapse near Swinden playing

fields, Nelson.

Jordan Williams (13) and Jordan Stevenson (13) were enjoying the sunshine when the man, who had been walking his dog, fell to the ground, injuring his face on a fencepost and losing control of his dog.

The quick-thinking pair rushed to the gentleman’s aid, ensuring his airway was clear, calling for an ambulance and securing his pet.

Jordan Williams said: “I remembered that we needed to make sure he could breathe and give him plenty of reassurance. I asked my friend to call for an ambulance. It was nothing really. Some people might not have even stopped, but he looked like he was in trouble”.

All Year 8 students at Primet undergo a six week programme of basic first aid skills and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on the British Heart Foundation Heartstart scheme, leading to a nationally recognised certificate.

James Steel, form tutor and Heartstart trainer at Primet, said: “‘I’m very proud of the boys.

“It takes a lot of courage to approach somebody you don’t know who is in difficulty. The scheme aims to provide emergency life support skills, keeping a person alive in an emergency until professional help arrives and these two boys have really proved its value”.