Sunstroke warning after Colne pupil’s ordeal

SUNSTROKE: Charlotte Neve (9) (S)
SUNSTROKE: Charlotte Neve (9) (S)

A devastated Colne mum has relived the moment she thought her daughter was having a second brain haemorrhage when she came from school with sunstroke.

Leila Neve was left terrified after Pendle View Primary School pupil Charlotte (9) began shaking and slurring her words following an athletics day at another school.

The Leader Times columnist described how her daughter, who suffered a haemorrhage and a series of strokes in 2012, came off the bus “bright red” and dehydrated. She added how the incident has been the “final straw” in making the decision to homeschool Charlotte.

The 33-year-old is now calling on school staff to remain aware of individual cases, and is also urging parents to pack sun cream and a hat into their children’s bag every morning, regardless of what the weather is like.

Leila said: “Charlotte had been left in the sun all day with no sun cream, no shade, no hat, no water. She came home bright red, went into shock and we had to call the paramedics.

“Initially, I put Charlotte to bed, but it was like when she had her first haemorrhage - I knew I had to go upstairs. She was looking at me shaking, her eyes were going, and I just rang the ambulance. The whole family, again, have been left totally on edge.

“Charlotte needed to be in the shade, or somebody should have rung me because she didn’t have sun cream on her.

“She has ended up with a urine infection, and she is absolutely knackered. I saw her for about four hours over the weekend, because she was just fast asleep.

“I would say to parents apply the suncream every morning, whether it is sunny or not, and check the school policy on applying sun cream throughout the day.”

Responding Debbie Morris, headteacher at Pendle View Primary School, said: “When children go on an educational outing, ensuring they are properly looked after throughout the day is our highest priority.

“If parents raise concerns with me, I always make sure they are looked into thoroughly.”