West Craven High School leavers honoured

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West Craven High School’s main hall rang with the sound of appreciative applause as its 2015 leavers returned for an annual awards night.

Pupils were recognised not only for their outstanding academic and sporting achievements and their much valued work in their local community, but also for their unfaltering levels of effort and attendance.

Bob Grayson, the now retired former Head of Maths and Acting Deputy Head of the school, proudly presented students with their well-deserved trophies and certificates in front of the pupil’s family and friends.

Mr Grayson said he felt very honoured to have been asked and that the strongest memories he still has of West Craven High School are that “its students are delightful to be with” and that the school gives these students “a great confidence to go on and do what they hope to do”.

Tilly-May Johnson was just one of the many celebrating after working hard to achieve six A* and five A grades in her GCSEs. She has gone on to Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Form Maths, French, German and Classics to A Level and hopes to study Modern Foreign Languages with Linguistics at Oxford.

Reflecting on her success, Tilly said: “The staff and pupils at West Craven just make the place feel like one big family; we were all working together.”

Headteacher Craig Baker said: “The students’ commitment and determination to give their best at our school, and the support of their parents and families is truly admirable; it continues to pay dividends.”