Electrical fire caused concerns

Fire engine
Fire engine
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Firefighters were called to a house in Halifax Road, Nelson, after there was safety concern following an electrical fire.

Three fire engines were called there at around 10am on Thursday morning last week because of fears people were at risk, but in the end they needed just one crew. It was not as bad as first thought.

There had been a woman and two children in the house when the fire started. However, the smoke detector warned them and as a result they got out safely and there were no injuries.

The fire crew used four breathing apparatuses to get in there and deal with it using both a dry powder extinguisher and hose reel jet.

There was an electricity problem under the stairs because of a fault on an electricity consumer unit. There was some damage in the house’s hall way and the staircase.

But the fact that the residents had an automatic fire alarm meant they knew to escape quickly and safely.