100-year-old trees in Nelson park under threat

one tree
one tree
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TREES in a Nelson park are under threat - because the vast majority have been there for 100 years.

But in a bid to save them, councillors have agreed to carry out a £3,500 treatment survey.

Walverden Park is very much tree-focused. Mr Martin Hodgson, from the Friends of Walverden Park, raised the issue with Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee on Monday.

He said: “It is almost entirely a park of trees!” And he said it had been praised by the national park Green Flag judges.

But he then said: “A lot of the trees are coming to the end of their life.” And he explained that, if work wasn’t done, in a few years it would be a crisis. Around a third of them are in very poor state.

“In the future, 50% of them may be in very serious disease. It will have to be done.” And he called for a management structure survey to be approved.

The committee agreed to carry out the survey.