Barnoldswick rats problem after waste dumped

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A Barnoldswick couple believe commercial waste dumped on land adjacent to their house is attracting rats the size of cats.

Kevin and Sheila Pickles, of Bessie Street, have seen an increase in rats, some large, in nearby streets after a number of cooking oil drums and other apparent commercial waste appeared on a steep embankment next to their home which leads down to Stock Beck.

And if the thought of a rat infestation was giving the Pickles’s sleepless nights, branches on mature trees on the same section of private land are also keeping them awake, thudding against the roof and gable end in strong winds.

Mr Pickles (72) said: “The trees need cutting back. They reached the telegraph wires ages ago. It’s been going on that long. It’s not just Bessie Street it can affect, but Pleasant View.

“I would have thought it was land owner obligation to keep it tidy and safe. I’m in my seventies, I can’t get up to cut off branches 30ft. up.

“I saw a rat the other day. It was absolutely massive. Kids play around here as well.”

And Mrs Pickles added: “You can hear the branches at night hitting the roof when the wind is up. It sounds like there’s somebody in the attic.”

A Pendle Council spokesman said: “This is a complicated issue which we’re working hard to resolve.

“The trees, which aren’t on land owned by Pendle Council, are on neighbouring land and the owner is now deceased.

“This is not directly the council’s responsibility but we will work with Mr and Mrs Pickles to try and find a way forward for them.”

Responding to the complaint of commercial waste being dumped close to their property which is attracting rats, the spokesman added: “We’ve arranged to visit Mr and Mrs Pickles so that we can look into these issues as quickly as possible.”