Barnoldswick’s bid for energy grant

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BARNOLDSWICK Town Council has made a bid for £43,000 to help fund projects in the town to improve energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has set up the Local Energy Assessment Fund to help communities who want to play an active role in the development of a low carbon society. Projects will typically increase understanding and uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and help to make energy supply secure and affordable for everyone.

Speaking at the town council’s latest meeting Gill Dickson from Pendle Council said if funding was granted there would be an energy audit of 200 houses in the areas that present the highest levels of fuel poverty in Barnoldswick.

“There will also be a micro-renewable energy study for Barnoldswick, to see what scope there is within the town for capitalising on new technologies, and the grant would fund a thermal heat camera to detect heat loss in properties.

“Lancashire County Council has agreed to match fund £2,000 so that would be a help. Quite a lot has to be done to make sure it is implemented by the end of March, which is the deadline for projects to be completed. This could help raise Barnoldswick’s profile as an energy-friendly town.”

Coun. David Whipp said: “I think this is an excellent scheme and the proposal put forward was well evidenced and sound in its suggestions. The funding would not only be a huge benefit for people in that immediate area but the work will allow the findings to be replicated throughout the town.”

The council will find out on Monday if its bid has been successful.