Colne fly-tipping nightmare

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A COLNE man has complained that fly-tipping outside his home has turned the area into an eyesore.

Mr Geoff Fellows said that the rubbish, which included tyres, beer cases and wooden planks, was dumped on land off Gordon Street overnight last week.

He said that this latest incident comes after months of litter dropping outside his home.

“People are always coming along here dropping litter, despite the fact that there is a bin opposite. I have had to pick up cider bottles off my drive countless times. It is getting beyond a joke.

“Now some delinquent has come along and dumped all this rubbish on the grass next door. It’s not right. The grass is used by kids from the youth club and Park Primary School.”

Lancashire County Council, which owns the land, has been informed of the latest fly-tipping incident and says it will remove the rubbish.