'Involve Lancashire in Northern Forest project', say Pendle Councillors

The proposed boundaries for the Northern Forest project which, as Lord Greaves has pointed out, misses out a large swath of Lancashire.

In an effort to make Lancashire as green as possible, Pendle Councillors have called for the new Northern Forest - a coast-to-coast woodland project - to be extended to include much of Lancashire.

With the Liberal deputy leader of the Council, Councillor Tony Greaves having - as Liberal Democrat peer Lord Greaves - raised the matter with the Government in the House of Lords, the Councillors unanimously passed a motion calling for the project to incorporate more of Lancashire: an area it otherwise misses out.

Pendle Council is to contact a wide range of Lancashire bodies within the next couple of weeks and will aim to convene a meeting of everyone who is interested to get the project to include the area - which includes Pendle - a "bite-shaped area" that was not included in the proposal put forward in January as part of the Government’s 25 year Environment Plan launched by Theresa May and Michael Gove.

"I have had very useful meetings with the Ribble Rivers Trust, the Woodland Trust, and other people at Westminster, and I am sure that all we need to do is find people round here who will take an interest in the project, which aims to plant 50 million new trees on suitable sites in both towns and countryside over the 25 year period," said Lord Greaves.

The resolution that the Council passed reads: “Pendle Council supports the concept of a new Northern Forest, extending from coast-to-coast, and including appropriate land in both urban and rural areas. It would like to see the Northern Forest extending to include Lancashire, and in particular the Borough of Pendle and adjoining parts of Pennine Lancashire.”

Going forward, Pendle Council will seek to obtain the support of Lancashire County Council; to promote the idea within Pendle; to bring this resolution to the attention of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and rural Affairs; to alert neighbouring local authorities in Yorkshire; and to convene a meeting of all the local, regional and national bodies which show an interest in extending the boundary of the Northern Forest.

Anyone who would like to be involved can contact Tony Greaves on greavesa@parliament.uk or 01282 864 346.

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