Langho residents campaign to slow down speeding motorists

Speeding motorists travelling through Langho are being urged to “slow down” before tragedy strikes.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 12:44 pm
Concerned residents urging drivers to stick to the 30mph speed limit.

Armed with placards, Langho councillors Tony Austin and Ruth Baxter, along with fed-up local residents donned high-vis jackets and took to the streets to monitor traffic and raise awareness of the 30mph speed limit to speeding drivers who they claim are using the village as a “rat run”.

Coun. Baxter said: “We had our message displayed loud and clear. After a series of talks and discussions on Social Media platforms, we decided it was time to take action.

“Many roads in Langho including Rogersfield, Whinney Lane, and York Lane endure speeding motorists on a daily basis.

“The main road through Langho and Billington is a 30mph zone, however, some motorists have been caught travelling at speeds of up to 49mph and many over 40mph. “In addition to Langho, cars being driven fast also persist on the main road through Wilpshire, Langho and into Billington.

“Parents with young families and elderly people are having to endure this major issue on a daily basis. There are two primary schools in Langho and roundabouts, however, this does not put some motorists off speeding. Furthermore, there is a high school in Billington and again motorists exceed the 30mph speed limit regularly.”

She added: “Police do use a ‘mobile speed camera’ in Langho a few times a year, but this is not in the best position and we would rather see something more permanent.

“I am determined to continue to support concerned residents and pursue the issues of speeding in both villages.”