Pendle park food dumping fears

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Residents have expressed ongoing concerns over people dumping old food in Victoria Park on ther Nelson-Barrowford boundary, which is making it unpleasant for other users.

The issue has been raised with Barrowford councillors and Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson, who have raised the issue with the council.

Barrowford’s Conservative councillor Linda Crossley said: “There are posters displayed on the board next to the lake and the council regularly put laminated posters on the fence to ask people not to leave food at the lakeside and to give advice on feeding the birds on the lake.

“Sadly people persist in leaving out food and often these posters are removed.”

Pendle Council confirmed that the park keepers and its environmental crime team regularly patrol the park to try to catch members of the public who are dumping food but they have to rely heavily on information from the public as they have to be there to witness the act before they can take action.

The resident park keeper does clean up any food waste both when it is reported and when he comes across it.

Mr Stephenson said: “Sadly this is a long-standing problem about which the council receives many complaints.

“Pendle Council park keepers are working hard to catch the offenders and those responsible should be in no doubt that this is wrong and should stop.”