Trees in Nelson park to be felled

A felled tree
A felled tree

Work will soon start in Walverden Park to remove 25 trees that are coming to the end of their lives – or are diseased.

Pendle Council’s own gardeners will carry out the tree felling work in this popular Nelson park during December.

The trees – which include sycamore and copper beech – have been identified as unsafe and ageing through a tree survey paid for by the Friends of Walverden Park as part of the park’s management plan.

Coun. Nadeem Ahmed, who represents parks in Pendle, said: “The specialist surveyors have identified that some ageing and diseased trees need to be removed, as part of the on-going maintenance of the park.

“These poor-quality trees have been selected because they have a limited future or are in decline and replacing them now will ensure that the tree cover in Walverden Park continues for many more years. By removing some non-native species of trees from the park – such as laurel and rhododendron – we hope to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife within Walverden.”

The tree works include the planting of some new trees within the park to vary the age of the park’s trees.

Keith Chadwick, chairman of the Friends, explained: “Trees that were planted over 100 years ago are all ageing at the same time. Some 30% of them are diseased, meaning that over 20 trees will have to be cut down.”

The tree felling work in the park will start in early December. Following that, around 120 new trees will be planted over the winter. Pendle park-keeper Lee Johnson said: “We have plans to plant oak, willow and alder trees, which are in harmony with existing species and will enhance the ecological value of the park.” For more information contact Lee on 661588 or