Ex-partner ‘escorted from premises’ after breach of order

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A DAD who turned up at the home of his ex-partner when banned was escorted from the premises by her “much larger”new man, a court was told.

Pennine magistrates heard how Kieron Patrick Wright ended up being locked up for two days after turning up at Charles Street, Nelson, last December 22nd.

He was prohibited from going within 50 metres of the house under a non-molestation order made at Burnley Crown Court in September.

Jobless Wright, who has now flouted the order three times, admitted breaching the order.

The defendant (30), of Pilgrim Street, Nelson, was given a 14-day curfew between 8pm and 7am.

Mr Richard Taylor, for Wright, said his former partner had “taken up with a new boyfriend” who was much larger than the defendant and he was escorted out of the house.

The solicitor, who said the defendant had had an alcohol problem which he was addressing, added: “There were no threats, no violence.”