Exciting plans for Pendle academy

New headteacher Lyn Blomley and executive principal Anita Ghidotti with students at Central Pendle Academy in Colne.'Photo Ben Parsons
New headteacher Lyn Blomley and executive principal Anita Ghidotti with students at Central Pendle Academy in Colne.'Photo Ben Parsons

Exciting plans to revitalise a popular Pendle academy have been announced by a new joint headship.

Headteacher at Central Pendle Academy Lynne Blomley and Executive Principal Anita Ghidotti took over from Janet Walsh at the end of January.

They have shared their vision for the school’s future, and how they will ensure every student meets their full potential and have come up with a number of key focus points to ensure that both staff and pupils are given the highest quality teaching and learning experience. These include:

l Knowing every student not just by name, but as an individual.

l Helping to raise aspirations.

l Keeping in constant communication with staff

.Mrs Blomley, who has worked at the academy since 2000, and who has 21 years’ teaching experience, said: “It’s a new venture and an exciting prospect, especially with all the opportunities that are there for the taking for the young people.

“It’s a very unique situation to have a dual role, and to be able to share expertise.”

And qualified HR professional Miss Ghidotti, who has worked in further education for 11 years, added: “The key catalyst to reinvigoration is a change right at the top.

“I am loving the new role – we couldn’t get a more satisfying sector to work in. You get the goosebump days – the times when you interact with students and they are excited, or they have achieved.

“If we know what drives every single person then we can encourage them to aim high, and know how to get them there.”

The academy, previously known as Colne Primet High School, is supported by Nelson and Colne College, who are also helping Pendle Primary Academy, the former Walter Street Primary School, Brierfield.

The new headship saw the advantages of aligning the school with the Education Trust and aims to use the academy chain to share expertise and best practice.

As well as providing a positive educational experience for students, they also want to focus on career development.

They will be going out into the community, engaging with local employers and encouraging work experience.

Miss Ghidotti said: “A lot of local businesses have grown up here, some were ex-Primet students who came all the way through. That’s so powerful for our students – to hear ‘I was just like you 20 years ago’.

“Somebody from Pendle can achieve as much as anybody from anywhere else.”

A school alumni has also been set up to show what past students have gone on to do. It is being organised by teacher Howard Raw, who has been at the academy since 1979.

The drama teacher is interacting with former Primet pupils via Facebook and by contacting them at home.

If you would like to get involved email alumni@centralpendleacademy.org.uk