Extra police drafted in to help with floods chaos

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Police have this afternoon “strongly advised” residents across Pendle to not venture out on to the roads as Storm Eva brings torrential rain and flooding to Boxing Day.

Extra police officers, due to be covering the cancelled football match in Blackpool, are being drafted in to the east of the county to deal with dozens of reports of flooding, abandoned vehicles and homes at danger from the deluge.

“Pretty much every river/stream is at risk of flooding, if not already,” said Sgt Shaun Pearson.

“I strongly advise to not travel on our roads today as there is a lot of standing water and there is simply not enough signs to put warnings out on every road effected in Pendle, let alone East Lancashire.”

He added: “Look out for each other and stay safe.”

Thuis morning Pendle Water through Barrowford reached its highest level since monitoring started in 1991, topping 3.52m, although the level had dropped to 3.38m at lunchtime. The previous high had been 3.03m in 2008 and the area is reported to be at risk of flooding when levels are only half of those recorded today.

The bridge at Barrowford - near Nelson & Colne College

The bridge at Barrowford - near Nelson & Colne College

Gisburn Road through the village was underwater, with drivers urged to slow down as spray was threatening to overwhelm barricades put up by home owners nearby. In Wilton Street, every home had been fortified with sandbags and neighbours were prepared for the river to breach the flood defences.

Across Pendle, roads were closed due to deep water and cars abandoned in floods, including Foulridge and the back roads between Barrowford and Barnoldswick. Earby, Barnoldswick, Cotton Tree were said to be among the areas worst hit by the flood water.

It appears the North West has been worst hit by Storm Eva’s Christmas arrival, with severe weather warnings and evacuations of residents in Ribchester and Whalley, as well as nearby Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and Mytholmroyd. Across England and Wales at the current time there are 15 severe flood warnings (meaning there is a danger to life) and 217 flood warnings (alerting residents to prepare for flooding).


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Barrowford - bridge carrying M65 over the river