‘Eyesore’ Colne mill is demolished

KNOCKED DOWN: A half-demolished Oak Mill (S)
KNOCKED DOWN: A half-demolished Oak Mill (S)

A disused Colne mill has been knocked down after years of causing concern to councillors, police and residents.

Oak Mill, in Skipton Road, had fallen into disrepair with broken windows and damaged frames, overgrown foliage and damaged stonework to the side and rear of the building.

It had become recognised locally as a “danger” and an “eyesore”, and an application for its demolition was accepted by Pendle Council in March.

Colne town councillor Jim Kerrigan, who has been campaigning about the former Earby Light Engineers base for three years, said: “It wasn’t just an eyesore. It was a danger to the public.

“Windows were smashed and glass fell on the pavement where people walk and on to the roadway.

“In addition, Skipton Road is one of the main roads in and out of Colne, and the impression give to people from out of town was dreadful.

“The buildings have served an important purpose for around a hundred years, making things and providing jobs, but they had reached the end of their useful life.”

Coun. Neil Butterworth added: “Me and Smith Benson have worked hard to makes sure that this eyesore is dealt with, and I’m pleased to see action has been taken.

“I’ll keep up the pressure to make sure proposals are brought forward to redevelop this area”.

And Coun. Ann Kerrigan added how she would like to see the house redeveloped for housing in the future.

Coun. Kerrigan had previously expressed her views on the site, stating: “So far as I am concerned, as a ward councillor it concerns me that this building is a dreadful blight on Skipton Road.

“I feel really sorry for the local residents who have to look at it every day when they look out of their windows.”