Family cat shot by air rifle in Foulridge

KILLED: Brahma the Egyptian Mau (S)
KILLED: Brahma the Egyptian Mau (S)
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A Foulridge family have been left devastated after their beloved cat was killed by an air rifle.

Egyptian Mau Brahma (9), was found dead near to the Lake Burwain yacht compound at around 2pm yesterday. He had been shot behind his left ear.

Now his owner Karen Clark has spoken of her horror, and has urged residents with information to come forward.

Anybody who can help bring about a successful prosecution is being offered a £5,000 reward.

Mum-of-five Mrs Clark, a photographer who lives off Smithy Lane, said: “It is horrendous. There was also a dog found dead in the reservoir close to where we found the cat yesterday.

“Brahma was as gentle as anything, and wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

“He was nine-years-old, and his breed live until quite an old age - he had another nine years in him.

“He was totally healthy, had regular check-ups at the vets, and had all his injections. This has really upset us.”

This is the third blow for the Clark family in just over a month, after their rabbit Albert was killed by a badger and their dog Sweep had to be put down.

Mrs Clark added: “As upsetting as it is, with our rabbit, it is nature and it does happen, and with our dog, it has to be done and you can deal with it.

“With Brahma, this is just so so pointless - it is just some malicious, horrible person.”

And writing on Facebook she said: “I need your help in trying to find the person who thought it ‘good fun’ to shoot my cat with an air rifle.

“Brahma was an Egyptian Mau and was one of the 1st 20 cats in the country that helped the breed get championship status with the GCCF so not just special to us as a pet.

“He was found near Hobstones and Lake Burwain in Colne and looked like he had dropped where he was shot. This happening all to regularly now in this area.”

The incident has now sparked calls for action on social media sites, with one resident suggesting an urgent meeting is held in Colne.

The RSPCA have previously told Leader Times Newspapers that anybody found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal can face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine.