Fight for Trawden skatepark continues

TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
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An outdoor skatepark will not be housed at Trawden’s Ball Grove Park – but the fight for an extreme outdoor facility will continue.

That is the message from mum-of-two Amanda Cunningham, who is fronting The Trawden Skatepark Initiative.

The scheme, which is made up of parents and children, is a long-term project that aims to offer a facility to village youngsters, while bringing the community together.

Previously known as Skate In Trawden, members were originally aiming to home the facility indoors, at Lodge Holme, in Skipton Road.

But due to factors including excessive costs, the idea of building a skatepark in Ball Grove Park was then explored.

Now, Amanda is looking at the possibility of obtaining some of Blackburn Diocese’s land, which is located behind St Mary’s Church. She will attend a committee meeting next month to discuss the proposals further.

The 45-year-old, who has lived in the area for 13 years, said: “It is in its early stages, and we will be discussing it at a meeting in November.

“We don’t know what the outcome will be or whether or not it will be accepted, and we will have the public consultation to do again.

“It would be about half the cost of what it would have been for Ball Grove, as we could probably get one for about £20,000 to £40,000.

“It might not be as glorified as the one we were proposing, but it is something.”

And a Blackburn Diocese spokesman confirmed: “The Archdeacon of Blackburn, John Hawley, has had discussions with Amanda and we can confirm this issue is on the next Diocesan Property Committee agenda for a meeting which takes place in November at Whalley Abbey.”

If given the green light, Amanda is hopeful that the skatepark would be a way of alleviating anti-social behaviour. She would also aim to organise community fund-raising events to bring the village together and put money into the skatepark pot.

She added: “We will see this through. We are not about to give up.”

The idea of a local skatepark has been supported by Trawden Parish Council.

The Friends of Ball Grove Park have also said that they are behind the idea, but feel that it should be located in the centre of Colne.

Chairman of the group Jerry Stanford said: “In principle we support the idea of the skatepark – we just didn’t think Ball Grove Park was the right place.

“Although we had our reasons for not thinking it was the best place, the parks department had economic reasons.

“There are a lot of ongoing costs, not just the costs of installing it.”

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