Fight the Fatberg: United Utilities appeal to vloggers to help tell Lancashire to 'Think Before You Flush'

A UU engineer with a congealed mass of wet wipes plucked from the sewers.
A UU engineer with a congealed mass of wet wipes plucked from the sewers.
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Just days after discovering an 84-metre, 90-tonne fatberg - the biggest the North West has ever seen - United Utilities are on the lookout for a new vlogging star to spearhead their campaign to get young people to 'Think before you flush'.

Searching for someone to help with a new initiative aiming to reduce the chance of fatbergs - congealed masses of non-biodegradables such as wet wipes and cooking fat which build up in sewers - becoming a more frequent occurrence, the North West's water services company wants the region's 11- to 13-year-old students to raise awareness using two-minute vlogs.

Inspired by the discovery of the behemoth fatberg in the sewers of Liverpool, the campaign will see the winning vlogstar champion land a £250-worth of Amazon vouchers, earn a £1,000 donation for their school, and become one of United Utilities youth ambassadors.

“Even though we have a multi-million pound cleaning programme to try and keep our sewers clear, sometimes the first we know about a problem is when homeowners are impacted by flooding," explained Rose Francis, United Utilities’ campaigns manager. “Things like congealed fats, grease, wet wipes and sanitary products which have been poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet don’t just disappear and dissolve – they clump together and cause havoc in the sewers.

“Our engineers are currently digging out an 84-metre, 90 tonne fatberg which has stopped sewage passing through the pipe and all too often we see the misery caused to people when blocked sewers have caused their homes and gardens to flood with sewage," Rose added.

Open to students who attend school in the North West, the competition offers students the opportunity to work with a large organisation and help tackle a real issue affecting countless people. Those wishing to enter must submit their vlog before the closing date on March 4th at

“Tapping into the teenage market, an age-group we’re always trying to target is key for us as a company to get the next generation enlightened to the issue," Rose said. "And the best way to get our key messages across in a way that will appeal is to engage with students across our region.”