Fight to stop Pendle industrial estate spreading fails

Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.
Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.

A bid to have a piece of land between the Fence bypass and the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate taken out of a list of sites available for future development failed to get the backing of the full Pendle Council meeting.

The land is included in the council’s Core Strategy, which forms the basis for the new Pendle Local Plan for 2015-2030, and its inclusion as potential industrial land has caused widespread concern in Fence.

Long-standing councillor for the village John David and his successor Brian Newman have led the fight and in the latter’s absence on Thursday night, Coun. Tony Greaves put forward an amendment calling on members to have the land removed from the list.

He said the proposal was “extraordinary” in that a piece of land 150m above sea level was being considered suitable for industry and said the land was also in the green belt.

“If we allow this it will set a precedent and lead to a possible extension of the estate between the bypass and Wheatley Lane Road,” he said.