Fine for woman who left her bin out

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin
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A woman from Nelson must pay £570 after she was prosecuted for leaving her bin out after collection day.

Catherine Riding, of Pine Street, did not attend Pennine Magistrates’ Court on Monday but the case proceeded in her absence.

The magistrates found the case proved and fined 24-year-old Miss Riding £400.

They also imposed a £40 victim surcharge and ordered her to pay legal costs of £130.

Coun. David Clegg, who represents Pendle Council’s Waste Management department, said: “Leaving out your bin after it’s been emptied is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. It causes obstructions which could lead to accidents and looks unsightly, making our neighbourhoods a mess.

“People who leave out their bins long after collection day have no regard for the appearance of their neighbourhood.

“I hope that this prosecution will make other people think twice about leaving their bins out in the future.”

To report an area where bins are persistently left out after collection day, call the council contact centre on 661743 or fill in an online form at