Fire-fighters rescue dog from Trawden river

Fire engine
Fire engine
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Fire-fighters mounted a rescue operation to save a dog from a swollen river in Trawden yesterday.

They were called out to Ballgrove Park at 1-50pm after the dog became trapped in the fast-moving water about 10ft. down the bank/wall and was unable to get out.

Two fire-fighters wearing dry suits and using floatation devices used throw lines to enter the water, which was very cold and up to 5ft. deep in places follwoing recent heavy rainfall, to rescue the dog, which was described as “being very cold, frightened and wet”.

Fire-fighters reported that the dog did not have any further injuries and has made a full recovery overnight. A fire service spokesman advised the public to take extra care when walking their dogs alongside swollen rivers and streams as the currents are often very strong and the dogs will be swept away.

“We also ask that the public do not enter swollen or fast moving rivers, they must call 999 for specialist assistance,” he said.