Fire-fighters tackle kitchen blaze

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Crews from Nelson Fire Station dealt with two incidents in two days. The first was in Nelson on Friday afternoon and the other in Reedley the day after.

At around 4-15pm on Friday there was a fire at a house in Clayton Street, Nelson. It was a small fire in the kitchen at the rear of the property. It set the alarm off. One bag of rubbish was destroyed by fire and heat.

There was also some light damage to a skirting board, and light smoke damage around the house.

And the following day a crew was called out to Reedley Court, Reedley, at 7pm. There was a blazing public waste bin situated on the court. On that, Crew Manager Ed Hargreaves said: “Deliberate fires can cost lives. They put a strain on fire service resources and divert fire engines that may be required to attend life-threatening emergencies elsewhere. If you suspect any deliberate fires, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”