Fire-fighters to the rescue of Nelson in Bloom

To the rescue
To the rescue
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Retained firefighters from Nelson Fire Station came to Nelson in Bloom’s rescue last week.

Bloom organisers have been busy planting in and around Nelson town centre in recent weeks.

But the recent dry weather left them facing a watering headache.

An appeal was put out on the group’s Facebook page for volunteers to come along and help water the glorious blooms.

Firefighter Stephen Holden saw the appeal and was urged to get involved by his nine-year-old son Theo.

Stephen then enlisted the support of other firefighters.

And on Thursday evening they took one of their fire engines into the town centre to give the flower beds and planters a much-needed watering.

Firefighters Anthony Slater and Chris Jowett pitched in with a team of other volunteers and the flowers were saved!

A Nelson in Bloom spokesman said: “A massive thank You to everybody who came out to save our flowers from drought this evening. Special shout out to the lads from Lancashire Fire and Rescue -who really did come to the rescue. We are so grateful”