Flashbacks after Trawden dog attack

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An animal lover has been left having flashbacks after two Chihuahuas she was caring for were attacked by a German Shepherd.

The terrified resident, who does not want to be named, was walking her son’s dogs in Hollin Hall, Trawden, when the incident occurred.

One pet was left needing five staples in its side due to puncture wounds, while the other suffered from minor scrapes. Both were taken to Stanley House Veterinary Surgery, in Colne, and have since been recovering well.

The German Shepherd has been put down following the attack, and now the dog walker is urging other owners to ensure their dogs are under control if they are about to leave the house, or are on a lead if they are being walked.

She said: “I didn’t want the dog to be put to sleep. Owners just need to be aware that if their dogs are in their property, as they were in my case, then they need to make sure they are under control before opening the door.

“People have just got to be responsible.

“I am having flashbacks at night, and I feel like I have been hit by a bus with all the tugging.

“There have been a few incidents in this area now - it is a shame, and I just want to bring some awareness.”

Pendle Council’s dog warden and the police were informed about the attack after it had happened on April 17th.

David Alexander, Senior Environmental Crime Officer, said: “Incidents like this are so distressing for everyone involved. This particular incident highlights the need for dog owners to be sure that their pets are under control in the house whenever anyone opens the door, and that back yards and gardens are secured. It takes just a second for a dog to run out unaccompanied.”