Food festival plans for Colne

LIVE LIKE THE BOY: Ashley Sutcliffe (S)
LIVE LIKE THE BOY: Ashley Sutcliffe (S)

A creative business owner has this week announced plans to launch a food festival in Colne.

Ashley Sutcliffe, who owns Live Like The Boy in Shackleton Hall, hopes that his brainwave will be a way of attracting new people into Colne and boosting the profile of the farmers’ market in the town.

The event will be held on November 16th to coincide with Ready Steady Cook Live at the Colne Muni.

Ashley, of Keighley Road, said: “I’m always keen to look at new ways to bring people to the area, and whilst there has been a surge in retail business in the town it is underpinned by the cafe and food culture combination we have on our now rich high street.

“Food has a unifying and inviting effect, with so many aspects of catering, eating and drinking in and around Colne I thought that it was a great opportunity for great food producers to meet the great Lancashire town of Colne and for the whole town to come together for a feast.

“This town is on the up and the sooner we can have a full calendar of events that enthral and captivate our visitors, demonstrating the strengths of the town, the better.”

Although the event is still in its planning stages, it is expected that there will be around 20 stalls plus activity at Shackleton Hall.

Ashley added: “We have local food producers and catering students, as well as any local food businesses being invited to join the ‘food map’ of Colne.”

Coun. Paul White, who speaks on town centres and economic development for Pendle, said: “As a council, we’re more than happy to support the plans for a food festival in Colne.

“It’s a first for the town, which is thriving right now with lots of independent food businesses.

“Ash at Live Like The Boy, who is behind the event, is a true community champion who wants to see the town thrive and has a real passion for what he does. He is a credit to the town.”

Anybody wanting to get involved with the foodfestival is asked to contact Ashley by email to ashley@livelikethe

Alternatively, they are invited to call in to Live Like The Boy for more information.