Former college student is Boris Johnson’s private secretary

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A former Nelson and Colne College student – Ben Gascoigne – is now having a big success in politics. He’s worked for the Conservative Party’s chairman – but is now Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s private secretary!

The college is always thrilled to learn of the ongoing success of its former students, and was particularly delighted to hear of Ben’s fantastic career since leaving there.

As a small and caring college, it is able to offer personal support and guidance, which ensures its students’ future success. The college has a long-standing tradition of excellence, spanning whole generations of families, and is always delighted to hear of past students’ success.

Ben, who was a student at Walton High School, Nelson, before joining the college, is one of these successes. Ben originally studied a challenging programme of A-levels in politics, history and English language – as popular then as they are now – before progressing to the University of Hull to read politics.

After his time at university, Ben spent two years working as marketing manager at Pendle Community Credit Union, then took up a job with the Conservative Campaign HQ in London, working for the Conservative Party chairman.

In 2007, Ben worked for a member of the then-Shadow Cabinet, and then briefly joined Boris Johnson’s first campaign to become Mayor of London.

After Boris won the Mayoral election in 2008, Ben was offered a job as personal event planner before being promoted to Boris’ private secretary, accompanying the Mayor to his engagements and providing on the ground support in his office.

Ben’s time at college prepared him well for the rigours of university study and working life. He said: “I’m really grateful for all the support that Nelson and Colne College provided!”