Former Nelson Grammar students making a difference in Kenya

The group have raised money for schoolchildren in Kenya.
The group have raised money for schoolchildren in Kenya.
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A group of generous former Nelson Grammar School pupils are chipping in a total of £105-a-month to support the education of two poverty-stricken orphaned schoolgirls in Kenya.

The dozen former students from the school, now Walton High School, are supporting children who are so poor that they do not even have the money for shoes, books, or proper food, surviving off plates of rice, cabbage and rotten potatoes.

Eleven-year-old Crystal and Akuma (13), who dreams of one day becoming a doctor, faced having to stop going to lessons because they could no longer afford the school fees until Mike Wainwright, who was at the former grammar school during the 1950s and now lives in Mombasa, Kenya, heard of their plight.

"I know how fortunate I was to have had a good education at Nelson Grsmmar School and never to have gone hungry," said Mike. “These girls’ mother died two years ago and they are so poor that sometimes they have nothing to eat."

Mike spoke to his old school friend, David Wiseman, a retired vicar who runs a Reunion magazine for ex-pupils and lives in Skipton, to help. Keen to get involved, David published a plea in his January magazine and was amazed by the response.

“This money, which I will call the Nelson Reunion Support Fund, will be spent wisely and fruitfully," Mike continued. "The girls just love school but many children go hungry here in Kenya and girls are still very much second-class citizens in this part of Africa."