Four dogs seized from Colne home

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An investigation has been launched by the RSPCA after four dogs were seized from a Colne home.

Police were granted a warrant after receiving reports of animals suffering with injuries in the Waterside ward.

A suspect is due to be questioned in relation to The Animal Welfare Act 2006 Section 4 “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal” and possible offences of causing an animal to fight.

The search was carried out on Friday, and police say they are working closely with the RSPCA “to secure a positive result” and deal with any future prosecutions.

RSPCA Inspector Natalie Taylor said: “An investigation has been launched. Four dogs were removed - two have been returned, and we have kept two. Injuries were historic.

“Anybody with concerns about welfare or injured animals can contact us on 0300 1234 99.”

And PC Nigel Keates added: “There were historic injuries to all four dogs, but two were of greater concern.

“The suspect will be questioned as soon as the veterinary examination has been conducted.

“We have had a number of calls relating to these dogs - not just one - and as a result we gained a warrant to access the property and seize the dogs.

“Police and the RSPCA rely very much on the public being our eyes and ears and here in Colne we often get information.

“We want to assure those that provide information that it may not feel like we are listening - often you may hear an officer say ‘leave it with me’. I personally assure you we are listening, there have been a number of cases in the last 12 months and we are getting results, there are more in the pipeline and we will release information on each case as it passes the court stage.

“Information is key... in helping to obtain a warrant to gain entry to a property and thus allowing us to seek the evidence needed to prosecute. We are listening , We are taking action. The justice system and evidence gathering can be very long winded indeed but if we do it right we get a better result.

“We know who they are, you know who they are. Evident is the key to conviction... information is the starting block.”

Anyone with information can ring 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.