Free fun days in Nelson to help improve residents’ health

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PENDLE-BASED Training 2000 has launched an initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

The training provider, which has a centre in Netherfield Road, Nelson, is holding a series of free and interactive open days, that will inform students and residents of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and advise them on how and where improvements to their general wellbeing can be made.

Taking place on Monday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the day will feature guest speaker Nigel Gittins from East Lancashire’s Chai Centre, and include advice sessions on sexual health, smoking and drug awareness, personal hygiene and healthy eating.

Attendees can also receive a beauty treatment from former Training 2000 students.

The driving force behind the initiative is Fran Gittins, an adult tutor for the employability skills programme at Training 2000.

She said: “Health and wellbeing encompasses so many elements of every day life, and it is important for people of all ages to look after themselves.

“There are so many outside influences that can impact on your capacity to learn and ability to function.

“But here at Training 2000, we see events like these as a way of educating the community on how and where improvements can be made in a fun an interactive way.”

To find out more about the open days or Training 2000’s health and wellbeing initiative, contact Fran Gittins on 724200.