French travellers evicted from Pendle Leisure Centre’s car park

Travellers set up camp on the car park behind Colne Leisure Centre.
Travellers set up camp on the car park behind Colne Leisure Centre.
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A French family who set up camp in Pendle Leisure Centre’s car park over the weekend were issued with an eviction notice on Tuesday.

The group, which was made up of approximately 20 adults and children from Strausbourg, left the Crown Way site, in Colne, on Wednesday at around 2pm.

They arrived with 10 caravans and a number of vehicles, including a Mercedes and a BMW, on Sunday evening — having relocated from Carr Road, in Nelson. They had also previously spent a week in Blackburn.

Talking to the Leader Times on Monday, one member of the family said that they will be moving to London following their visit to Pendle.

The father-of-four, who gave his name as Mr Pierdo, went on to say that the group were on their holidays, but had stopped by the side of the new Urban Altitude course due to a broken exhaust pipe in one of their cars. He said that a garage had been contacted.

On the same day, centre manager at Pendle Leisure Centre Julie Wilmore confirmed that the travellers had caused no problems since locating themselves on the car park.

However, she added: “Hopefully they will move on soon.”

Police attended the scene on Monday morning and Pendle Council were notified.

On Wednesday morning, Coun. Joe Cooney said: “The main thing is they will be gone sooner rather than later.”