Funeral-goer’s outrage at Nelson Cemetery dog mess

Nelson Cemetery.
Nelson Cemetery.
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Dog owners using Nelson Cemetery as a canine convenience earned the wrath of a pensioner who had to make her way through a sea of excrement to pay her last respects to a neighbour.

The funeral, on Monday afternoon, was marred by the mess left by dog owners who failed to pick up after their pooches while using the cemetery in Walton Lane as a exercise field.

Nelson Cemetery.

Nelson Cemetery.

“It was shocking,” she said. “How disrespectful can people be? We had to step over it to get to the grave.”

As the owner of three dogs herself, the woman said she has been appalled at the attitude and lack of consideration some people show.

Her walks from the Barkerhouse Road area frequently take her to Walton Lane from where a path runs alongside the top of the cemetery.

“I always pick up,” she said. “There is no excuse. The council give out free bags. Anyone can get them from Market Street in Nelson, and they are on the counter at the town hall in Colne.”

Taking dogs into the cemetery and not cleaning up after them is so disrespectful


She likes to go along the path for the views of the surrounding countryside, and often sees people with their dogs in the graveyard.

“Taking dogs into the cemetery and not cleaning up after them is so disrespectful,” she said.

“I’ve even called out about cleaning up, but they completely ignore me.”

The funeral on Monday afternoon was the second of the day for the pensioner and her husband.

They had earlier been at Hill Lane Baptist Chapel, in Halifax Road, Briercliffe, where there was no sight of dog issues.

“At Nelson it was all along the verge next to the main path,” she said.

“I said to the undertaker it was shocking. He said it was a regular thing.”