Girls hold ‘silly’ lunch for CAFOD

he volunteers held a 'Big Silly Share' for CAFOD. (S)
he volunteers held a 'Big Silly Share' for CAFOD. (S)
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A group of Nelson gap year volunteers held a “Big Silly Share” lunch to tackle the serious problem of global hunger.

Stephanie Beech (22), Leila Bousbaa (19), and Hannah Newsham (22) organised the meal at Holy Saviour Church, Nelson, and raised £113 for the work the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development.

The lunch was held as part of CAFOD’s annual Harvest Fast Day appeal, which aims to fight against what the charity describes as an unjust global food system.

Stephanie said: “We baked cakes and made sandwiches and people brought food along to share. It was a really successful and fun meal and shows people in Nelson that we can make a real difference to the lives of others around the world.

“One-in-eight people go to bed hungry every night. It doesn’t make sense that there is enough food for all, but that we waste so much each year, weighing more than 200,000 full double-decker buses.”

CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal aims to increase awareness of global hunger and raise funds to tackle its causes, ranging from food waste to a changing climate. This money can then finance projects which tackle the causes of hunger, including providing the tools or techniques for families to grow their own food.

Ged Edwards, CAFOD manager for Nelson, said: “The money raised by Stephanie, Leila and Hannah’s meal allows CAFOD to help families in places from Nicaragua in South America to Bangladesh in Asia to produce food and make a living.

“We would like to thank Stephanie, Leila, and Hannah for their generosity in standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world.”