Great Northern Wedding Awards: Colne photographer on getting it 'spot-on'

Karen with her five sons.
Karen with her five sons.
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When it came to naming her photography company, which has been nominated for a prize in the Great Northern Wedding Awards, Karen Clark looked no further than her children, calling it Five Little Boys Photography. Trouble is, as Karen says: "[They're] not quite so little anymore!"

Shortlisted for Best Female Wedding Photographer at the prestigious awards ceremony, which is set to take place at Mitton Hall in Whalley on the 12th of June, Karen and her 5 Little Boys are focusing on enjoying being recognised for what she calls "special" work.

"[We're] very proud and amazed to be nominated; even more so to reach the final five as there were 70+ on the original shortlist," said Karen, whose grandfather was previously a manger at Smith & Nephew at Glenn Mills on North Valley. "We live in Colne and always had links with the town."

Having done an A Level in photography and built up a portfolio of pics from her time working as a holiday rep in Greece, Spain, and Malta, Karen embarked on a project of taking six photos a day for a year - one for her and one each for her five sons

It was five years ago when Karen was asked by friends do take pictures for them on their special days, and from that she blossomed into a full-time photograpgher on top of being a full-time mum to her five sons.

"Wedding Photography is special because you are being given the privilege of sharing and preserving one of the biggest events on someone's life," said Karen. "It's a pretty big responsibility because when the flowers have faded and the cake has been eaten, the photos and memories are all you have left.

"You really need to get it spot on - these photos will be seen for generations to come," she continued.

To cast your vote, head to and choose the Best Female Wedding Photographer category.