‘Gud Luck’ guru unmasked at last!

Jimmy Trigg
Jimmy Trigg

A mystery man who has been hard at work spreading luck in Colne has this week been named.

Last week we reported how the “Gud Luck Club” were leaving gifts around the town to bring a smile to the faces of locals.

And now the resident behind the latest “random act of kindness” has been unveiled as Jimmy Trigg (49), of Colne.

Mr Trigg last appeared in our paper for another gesture of goodwill, by completing the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” numerous times in one day.

He said he has had incredible feedback since launching the club, which involves leaving white envelopes containing scratchcards around Colne. The envelopes are marked with the message “It’s yours, Gud Luck”.

Mr Trigg said: “The response has been almost overwhelming. We have progressed from giving out cards to having local businesses offer free services to the people of Colne because they care.

“I have received a taxi fare, car wash, hair cut, meals for the elderly - all of which are being given away on my ‘Gud Luck’ group.

“It is amazing how many local businesses have offered gifts, but we need more.”

For details visit www.facebook.com/jimmy.trigg?fref=ts