Have Faith

Pastor Pauline Street says it's never too late to start again. (s)
Pastor Pauline Street says it's never too late to start again. (s)
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Recently I’ve been thinking about different kinds of transformation.

I’m sure you’ve all watched programmes that show transformations take place: DIY SOS, Homes Under the Hammer, 60 Minute Makeover etc. It often amazes me how, with time, love and care, something which looked derelict, unloved and dilapidated can be transformed into a beautiful home, space or room. The buyers and designers involved possess real vision to see beyond what sometimes looks like a mess, to the great possibilities of what can be. Not only that, they have to be willing to spend the time, energy, love and care to see those possibilities become a reality. Often the houses they decide to renovate are ones that other people would write-off or avoid completely.

In life, it’s amazing how we can be guilty of writing ourselves or other people off. Maybe when we look at some people their lives seem to be in such a mess, that it’s easier to walk by than to get involved. God though is a God of transformation. Like a great designer, He is able to look at us and to see the great possibilities of what can be, rather than what is. God is able to transform people and give them hope and a future. I have seen so many people whose lives have been chaotic, transformed by the love of God. When God sees a life in chaos, he doesn’t write it off, but gets involved. You may think your life’s in a mess, but God is a God of turnaround. He calls out the good in people and makes the impossible, possible.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. In Christ, we can be made new, given a fresh start and know that the greatest designer of all is at work on our transformation.