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This week's column is about truly knowing Jesus. (s)
This week's column is about truly knowing Jesus. (s)
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Do you have a TV star, sports personality, or celebrity who you know lots about?

Perhaps you have read their autobiography, found out where they live, grew up, went to school, what they like to do, their favourite music, food and hobbies. You could even have read what others have said about them in the media, maybe forming a picture of some parts of their personality. But the reality is that if that celebrity walked down your street they would walk right past you. They would have no idea who you were.

Last week I was thinking about how well I know God and realised that often I have fallen into the same types of activities in my desire to know Him better. I have studied the Bible and over time even read a few theology books and heard testimonies of other Christians. There is no doubt these things have been very helpful in gaining more knowledge about God. However, “knowledge” and “knowing” are very different concepts and God intends for us to know Him in reality through a personal relationship with Him.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, said in John 10:27: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

I believe this is Jesus’ greatest desire for us, that we would: hear Him; know Him; follow Him.

He has so much of Himself that He wants to reveal to us and it’s amazing to think that He loves us enough to make this possible. Of all the opportunities that life has to offer, make knowing Jesus your number one priority. For I believe nothing is more important than hearing, knowing and following Him.