Have Faith

Lisa Peynado talks about looking to Jesus as a mentor in this week's Have Faith.
Lisa Peynado talks about looking to Jesus as a mentor in this week's Have Faith.
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September is here and everything returns to the normal routine.

Back on our TV screens are our Saturday night regulars, Strictly and X Factor. It feels like the countdown to Ch... (no I can’t say this word yet, it’s too soon).

Many of us, me included, can’t wait to be caught up in the drama, the tears and tantrums, the ups and downs as the celebrities and bright hopefuls travel their “journey”. Everyone involves loves the challenge, the friendships made and the satisfaction of getting better. One of the essential elements of these shows is the mentor, the expert who guides the novice along, who helps them become the best dancer/singer they can be.

It is incredibly unlikely that any of us will take part in these shows, but as Christians we do sign up for the Christian journey and all the highs and lows that will bring. We have the ultimate mentor in our Lord Jesus; he guides and teaches us through fellowship, prayer, the Bible and his Holy Spirit.

Like the celebrities, we will argue with his better knowledge and advice, we will do things our own way and repeatedly make mistakes, we will let him down badly when the whole world is looking at us, and we will know we can do so much better. Even so, we hope that through the words we say and the work we do, people will see a reflection of Christ in what we do and want to know more about him.

We are a faith that wants to bring more people to the knowledge of God because it is just the best thing in the world, and it lasts more than one series; it’s for life.

As Christians too we know we are loved just as we are, with all our faults and weaknesses, and though we let our heavenly mentor down we are always given another chance to get it right. Then there is the ballroom in the sky with that heavenly glitter ball awaiting us. So keep dancing.