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The Rev. Catherine Braithwaite talks about the importance of taking time out.
The Rev. Catherine Braithwaite talks about the importance of taking time out.
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“What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?”

I’m sure that many of you will be familiar with the opening lines of this poem by William Henry Davies. Recently the Bishop of Burnley was invited to our Breakfast with the Bishop event at St Bartholomew’s where he had the opportunity to talk to a group of people from Colne who run their own businesses and for all to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.

The idea arose from the Diocesan Mission weekend last year when the Bishop of Doncaster gave a talk to a similar group, entitled Would You Sell Your Granny For a Profit?

Bishop Philip talked about the breakneck speed at which we all seemed to live our lives. Rushing from one place to another with a work ethic like no other in Europe, we appear to think that the more hours we work the greater will be our reward. In practice, however, productivity here is far less than say in France where people work far fewer hours and enjoy a much more rhythmic lifestyle.

He urged everyone to think about this in their daily lives and follow the example of Jesus in taking time out when life became pressurised, such as he did before significant occasions like the Feeding of the 5000 or in the Garden of Gethsemane. During that time he would pray, often alone, to talk with his Father to gain strength for what lay ahead.

Perhaps we all need to look at the rhythm of our lives a little more closely, to take time with family and friends, to take time to pray, to stand and stare.